PhytoMAX Series BlackDog LED Grow Lights

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LED MEDX is an authorized and fully licensed PhytoMAX BlackDog LED grow light retailer in Maine. These are High-Output LEDs, and offer high intensity canopy penetration, without the burning of leaves. They have largest LED footprint proven by independent spectroradiometer testing. ETL certified to UL safety standards. Leading active heat management in the grow light industry providing technology for maximum LED life, efficiency and light spectrum stability. Superior cooling technology with ultra-long life fans for 70,000+ hours life span. The Phyto-Genesis spectrum is the most efficient spectrum for growing PLANTS. One Ideal Spectrum for both Vegetative and Flowering stages of plant life. Laboratory proven to produce higher potency/active compounds (THC, CBD, terpenes, antioxidants/vitamins and flavonoids). The Phytomax 1000 is actually 1015 watts, and is the Highest power LED proven on the market. With 6-12 month average return on investments makes PhytoMAX best value per watt of any other grow lights. LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY, 90 Day return policy. Call for more information at 207-631-3946.

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