Lucid (Lyrics)

Why when I’m walking in public 

They All Frisky

I usher to the side sly 

Like Walt Disney 

Who gonna claim dog 

in that feature 

Me with cigarillo n hello the mamacita 

Probably gnarly, sitting Ina Ferrari 

Talking screw something 

Cuz something was too saucy  

Bugatti or new draw strings 

Be ready to jump,

Nah son get froggy


6 back flips

Got 6 bastards

Ready for sick magic 

Tick tacking 


With the time bomb

Shit happens 

But it’s never that Ima

Rhyme soft 

I see signs 

stop fronting 

That dance is done

Its too Clumsy 

Standin around 

Do something

Open your eyes 

N ur gunna find money 

Break the news

then a stock plum it, 

half of em lost 

half of em blunted 

half of the cops

Hassling nuggets 

I try to follow laws 

half of em rubbish 

The Angels on my shoulder

devils in my foot steps

Hand me the controller 

Theres no buddy is Lookin 

The style over shook with

All the smile thats allowed

For a hooker 


My manners are getting nasty

The rapping’s so last week 

But it really it’s relaxing 

Sitting in the back seat,

Posted like athlete 

While I’m smoking mad weed

Somebody slap me 

I can see a rise in my future 

Thinking loosely 

On how to Rhyme witha music 

get it Groovy Neva mindin

The critics

That it could soon be

Just A dime on a mili 


Im peacing, deuces 

Dreaming lucid

What do I intend to see

see Confucius 

true shit 



When I say free

I want Nudists 

Free Nudists 

Free Nudists 

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