FTP (Lyrics)

I got it from Pete Rock 

Now it’s for the people 

Twisted like dial

On a File 

From a needle 

the sound of cathedrals

drown all my evil

Do I feel unequal? 

Nah I fly like an eagle 

Some cats bore me 

actions are boring 

I think stories are more fun 

Tricks in my Taurus 

opened Pandora 

When I listen up

It’s all fuzz

Dub up the volume 

That shits all new, 

I’ve danced in 

my ball shoes, 


sometimes the Sunrise,

 it gets in my young eyes

and I become blind as the gov

Tired feeling good 

Man I’m Trynna be greater

I’ve said all before 

put the rhymes

On the paper 

man the 

shit was so real 

Still the stains 

on the table 

I’m Grateful

I stayed so


Until the pain comes 

Then my main thoughts

get some dank nug

get the same pot 

Then I’m living right 

based god the

Generation burns

As I face palm

It’s the 8th time

I Quit my day job 

People like Couts 

Gotta get it together 

I don’t got the time 

My pride isn’t 


I done showed Signs 

Cold nights same weather 

If I Go grind then 

I ma play better 

Eat steak dinners 

Gleeming in Paint thinner

I’m Blazing timber

through maines winters

Poaching is hopeless 

Searching For 

bongs I can roast with 

hoes with most hips

Notice the flows Sick 

Beside my motives

Sometimes I go Tilt 

i fly with low guilt 

I’m Live on what’s lit

i flow on whats iLL

cuz vibe’n at the crib 

Gone be the career 

grab on our weed 

Get the fuck out of here

I Been on a mission 

So don’t interfere 

Make sure 

My mentions are clear yo (x2)

Is this here temperature seared 

Man Is it potentially fierce (x2)

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