Blue J’s Ft. Cal Carter (Prod. J.3K) – JaeOhEsH

This audio project was a collaboration between the instrumental producer J.3K, artist Cal Carter and myself. This piece belongs to a larger Mixtape of mine. We completed this recording using an AKG Perception 420 Studio Condenser Microphone, recording in Pro Tools 10. For mixing plugins in Pro Tools we used compression, equalization, reverb, and pitchContinue reading “Blue J’s Ft. Cal Carter (Prod. J.3K) – JaeOhEsH”

Mic’Rose Lyrics

Hand me the micro phone, Cuz maybe I’m about to go higher now with some dro  Wit some girls so we alone Watching the chia grow Trimmin a tree up into clones  My dreams hit the scope I sleep with my dope We hitting the news Fucking In school  paying some dues Minuscule waste minusculeContinue reading “Mic’Rose Lyrics”

Destroying Nature Makes My Face Hurt: Free Verse

Destroying nature makes my face hurt I don’t hug trees but somethings We should savor Nature  If illuminati’s real  How do they allow  Hatred  Nature  Should be left in pristine rest Human beings are ruthless  We Struggle to find where Were rooted I dissolve when it’s humid  because were glued to our sets If entertainment you seekContinue reading “Destroying Nature Makes My Face Hurt: Free Verse”

Remember Boston: Freeverse

Media messaging can be a depressing thing, News writers are on the scene, Covering how bodies bleed, In public riot, or place of peace, Masked are their identities, Communicate the people will, Tweet until the passing bills, Distraction is what its become, Bombings of the Boston run, CNN has failed again, Id rather turn offContinue reading “Remember Boston: Freeverse”