Campus Green – Big DUCATi (Official Visual)

This is a collaboration I recorded on Logic ProX, with a Blue Microphone Bluebird Cardioid Condenser Microphone, and Scarlett interface. The beat was from producer Alec Dacar, and featured JaeOhEsH’s vocals and mixing effects. The visual animation was made in collaboration with Sir Willis IV, and assets in frame are conceptually based.

✌❤🔥🏁 🏍BiG DUCATi🏍🏁 🔥❤✌

🎙JaeOhEsH🎙 🎹 Alec Dacar🎹

Visuals by: Sir Willis IV

Twitter: @SirWillisThe4th

Insta: @sirwillisIV

Campus Green – SoudCloud:…

Destroying Nature Makes My Face Hurt: Free Verse

Destroying nature makes my face hurt

I don’t hug trees

but somethings

We should savor


If illuminati’s real 

How do they allow 



Should be left in pristine rest

Human beings are ruthless 

We Struggle to find where Were rooted

I dissolve when it’s humid 

because were glued to our sets

If entertainment you seek

Then replay our clips!

Show there’s one heart in me, 

N trees have unlimited rings.

I furnish respect down to the spec,

No particles lost

if we all made of Mass 

we all make a mess 

we all make a mess

This piece is a written and soon to be audio & video piece of a free verse poem using internal and end line rhyme schemes. The idea of this piece was propelled from a brainstorm session where the word nature was broken down into its two syllables and matched from that point on with slant rhymes and direct rhyme patterns to communicate that as humans we are all searching for the meaning of why we’re here, saying we are all made of mass and so is the earth. Overall its an idea of a scientific creationism and consciousness. The photo above the poem i took to show how man and nature can coexist.



This is a quote by Marc Twain. The design of this typography was done with keeping the message of this quote in mind. The text design encompases the freedom and whispyness of the idealized “Heaven”. Complemented by the heat, jaggedness and danger of the idealized “Hell”. This project was completed in Adobe Indesign and Illustrator to be printed or projected on any scale.


Concert Photos

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This is a sample of photos from my Media internship at KahBang Music Film & Art Festival and Maine State Pier Concert Series. All of these shots were taken with my Canon 7D and a 18-135mm lens. Using manual aperture, ISO, shutter speed, zoom and focus. The pictures were then taken into photoshop for color effects changing brightness, contrast, vibrance, saturation, shadows, sharpness and color filters, to enhance the visual experience. (Artists in picture: Big Sean, Chevy Woods, Mac Miller, DJ Bonics, and George Clinton & The Parliament Funk)