Twice Told Tales (Rehappening Festival 2019)

“Twice Told Tales” Buncombe County, North Carolina 2019 installation, audio, video, projection Twice Told Tales was a day through night installation at the (Re)Happening Festival. Where the daytime festival goers were asked, “What does home mean to you?”.  We documented the answers from our pop up stand video booth. We then projected the video andContinue reading “Twice Told Tales (Rehappening Festival 2019)”

Sound Piece – Lake Hebron, Wavescape

Hydrophone, Field Recordings, Electroacoustic Mix, 2019- Monson Electroacoustic Field Recording Mix – This is a rule based hydrophone and field recording that was used to measure the lake hebron’s sonic pollution. The Electronic composition was also created as a mood felt during reflection from the beginning piece. All skills were learned at Monson on site.

Robert Saunders Collaboration (2019)

Installation, Performance, Film & Editing, Documentation & Assemblage This collaboration started from installing “At Last A Will and Testament” in gallery and then collaborating with Robert in a space to create a piece in rapid practice using a simple ruleset. We then followed the gallery with an artist talk that built off of the pieceContinue reading “Robert Saunders Collaboration (2019)”

Painting & Curling (Experiments In Balance)

Painting & Curling (Experiments In Balance) from JoshCouturierVimeo2 on Vimeo. Painting & Curling is an Experiment in Balance. The experiment required the tools involved in painting and physical exercise to have codependency when making a mark on canvas. The duration was based on 3 sets of 5 repetitions, which is the most current work outContinue reading “Painting & Curling (Experiments In Balance)”

“wRECk Center” an Experimental Performance

Xbox One & Flat Stone (Experiments In Balance) from JoshCouturierVimeo2 on Vimeo. A Xbox One & Flat Stone partook in the series, “Experiments In Balance” (aka) the “wRECk Center”. Investigating the question of how to better ones artistic practice, I found that the answers were hidden behind obstacles that only solely burned time. If after reflectingContinue reading ““wRECk Center” an Experimental Performance”

Sound Piece – Algorithmic Spoken Word

An (EIAA) pronounced “eee yuh”, is an Experiment using Indeterminate methods in Algorithmic processes guided by Avante-Pop ideology. (EIAA) is fueled by investigating the question…”How could music be more selfless, when its inescapably a self driven creation?” Popular audio is currently a realm that is driven by conscious self thought. This is what happened when experimenting within areas of popular musicContinue reading “Sound Piece – Algorithmic Spoken Word”

“Vinyasa Logic” SEA

Vinyasa Logic Workshop from JoshCouturierVimeo2 on Vimeo. Vinyasa Logic, was a experimental workshop that I offered to allow participants to learn about forms of Vinyasa Yoga. As we move through positions we record audio of the sounds created through breathes and physical advancements. The idea is to use the documentation to feed interest of participantsContinue reading ““Vinyasa Logic” SEA”