Campus Green – Charmander Lemieux (Official Music Video)

Campus Green is a collaborative music group myself and four others created in 2010. This particular collaboration is between myself, and the instrumental creator Alec Dacar. Here I used a Bluebird Cardioid Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, recording to Logic Pro. The lyrics were then mixed using plugins of compression, equalization, DeEsser, pitch correction and delay, to give it a more textured and contemporary sound. The visual piece was a metaphor on the lyrics showing how sometimes you need to have faith, and trust yourself through taking shots in life. The video was captured with a camera phone for a “selfie” feel using multiple cross blurring transitions to help convey lyrical points. Color corrected for brightness, vibrance and saturation, using a cartoonism effect to give it a dreamlike feel in iMovie.

Taylor Gang Maine- Mac Miller, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods

This project captured the events of the Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers tour at the venue Maine State Pier Concert Series for my Media Internship. Here I documented the live performance using my Canon 7D and 18-135mm lens using manual aperture, ISO, shutter speed, zoom and focus. I used specific camera locations around the venue to capture the artist’s performance and the reactions of the audience, to convey live emotions of the show. The projects clips were edited in Final Cut pro, using color-correction, to magnify brightness, contrast, vibrance, saturation, shadows, sharpness, and light levels. The audio was “Knock Knock” by Mac Miller, and “Gang Bang” by Big Sean.