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Twice Told Tales 2019

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Socially Engaged Art, Installation, Audio, Video, Projection

Twice Told Tales was a day through night installation at the “(Re)Happening Festival” in Buncombe County, North Carolina. Daytime festival goers were asked, “What does home mean to you?”. The interviews were recorded from our pop up video booth. We then projected the video and audio on screens as they shimmered in the wind on the beach stands. A collaboration with IMFA artists: Owen Smith, Thomas Griffith and BIll Drake.


Street Flagellation 2019

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Street Art, Performance, Gallery, Installation, Time Based Painting

Street Flagellation happened on the street outside “Top of The Nine Gallery” in Bangor, Maine. Inside the gallery 3 shirts were hung after being marked. The performance took place over the duration of the evening.


Life Chart Digital Collection 2019

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Performance, Daily Experience, Databasing, Digital Art

Life Charts are documentation of daily experience. These experiences are collected for a new means of self reflection and to aid the living with direction.

Psychedelic Mushroom Treatment 2019

Research Documentary, Short Film

Psychedelic Mushroom Treatment (PMT), is a research based documentary where the interviewer (Josh Couturier) and the interviewee (Derek Smith), discuss Psychedelia. Editing algorithm was derived from Rollin Griffiths clinal approach.


Wavescape Lake Hebron 2019

Hydrophone, Field Recording, Electroacoustic Composition

The hydrophone and field recordings were used to measure Lake Hebron’s range of field above and below the lake. The electronic composition was created afterwards provoked during the conclusion of the first half of the piece.


Robert Saunders “At Last A Will and Testament” & “Having Said That” 2019

Installation, Performance, Ink, Paper, Audio, Video, Assemblage

This collaboration started installing the “At Last A Will and Testament” gallery that lived for two weeks in the IMRC, APPE space. During this time i maintained Roberts book on the wall changing its order every couple days. A week later he did his artist talk “Having Said That” in the “At Last A Will and Testament” gallery. During the talk we were documented creating an oil drip on one of the talk programs.


3×15 2018

Dumbell, Tape, Brush, Paint, Canvas, Bicep Curl, Performance

With painters tape to adhere brushes to four sides, the edges were dipped in paint and the dumbell’s were curled between two easels. White poster papers were sandwiching the performance.


Wreck Center 2018

Audio, Video, Performance, Rock, Deadlift, Xbox

Deadlifting a flat stone and then permanently damaging a functional Xbox to balance frustration of getting carpal tunnel from its use. The video shows two different perspectives of the event. One was a cellphone, and one was a DSLR camera.


Sound Piece – Algorithmic Spoken Word


Audio Recording, Logic Pro X, Random Number & Word Generator, 9 Sided Dice

This project was fueled by the question how could music be more selfless, when its inescapably a self driven creation? Compositional decisions were made using chance operations like random number and word generators, and 9 sided dice rolls to determine the choice of words and the frequency of its use during the recording of the compositoin.



Vinyasa Logic




Audio, Video, Projection, Lighting, Vinyasa Yoga, Social Engagement, Performance

Vinyasa Logic was a workshop that offered Vinyasa Yoga. I recorded audio of the breathes and bone cracks.The environment was created by projecting a random video loop of a Rainforest with two different fields of sound intermixed. The lighting was chose by extracting a color palette from the video content.



Sound Piece – (Ode To A Natural Way) No. 02042018



Sound, Sony Zoom Recorders, Chance Operations, Performance

No. 02042018 is an experimental sound piece. Two people were given three hours to record during their natural workday. The sounds were mixed together in Logic Pro X.



Chance Ramp Railing



Gold Plated Playing Cards, Ramp Railing, Performance, Video, Audio

This is a performance with chance operations on a ramp railing to create an indeterminate sound piece on everyday architecture.



Yoga In Situ



Audio, Video, Clothing, Downward Dog, Tennis Court, Performance

An algorithmic performance to document clothing in situation that included elements of Rise, Reflect, and Blue. The photo of the shirt was created by the event of downward dog “Adho Mukha Shvanasana” until the shirt fell off. The third person photo was a picture taken by Alex Turanski climbing the tennis court pole.






Experimental Audio, Performance, Video, Net, Knife

A experimental performance that was entangled by a fishing net. The audio was created from cluttered instrumentation and pitch transposing. After the audio had its foundation the pitch of the instruments rearranged and “entangled” by casting a fishing net over the computer that was running the audio program.



The Rule of 3, Robert Saunders Collaboration



Experimental Drawing, Canvas, Chance Operations, Assemblage.

The collaboration that took place after Robert Saunders “Having Said That” and “At Last A Will and Testament”. Robert gave me a flat pencil, round sharpener, and four sided stick with values on each side. The 3 items were dropped over and over depending on the four sided sticks face up value and their locations were outlined.

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