Squad Water EP by Campus Green

“An Explicit Collaborative mission to flow on heavy Youtube beats!”


“Lyrics and Mixing by JaeOhEsh (Young Joku)”

“Special thanks to  Cal Carter for Engineering Freestyle 1 & 2″

“Special thanks to other Campus Green Collaborators”

Campus Green – Big DUCATi (Official Visual)

This is a collaboration I recorded on Logic ProX, with a Blue Microphone Bluebird Cardioid Condenser Microphone, and Scarlett interface. The beat was from producer Alec Dacar, and featured JaeOhEsH’s vocals and mixing effects. The visual animation was made in collaboration with Sir Willis IV, and assets in frame are conceptually based.

✌❤🔥🏁 🏍BiG DUCATi🏍🏁 🔥❤✌

🎙JaeOhEsH🎙 🎹 Alec Dacar🎹

Visuals by: Sir Willis IV

Twitter: @SirWillisThe4th

Insta: @sirwillisIV

Campus Green – SoudCloud: https://soundcloud.com/campusgreen/ca…

Litmosphere (Prod. Campus Green) (30 Minute Freestyle) & (Full length Movie)

Concept: Make lyrics first, and MIDI instrumentation second, as opposed to the research guided pop standard, beat then lyric approach.


“I listen to this while i do homework”

“Lit Bro!”

“I couldn’t tell a difference!”

“Beat Boxing Dubstep!?”

“Wait theres a movie?”

“What the fuck did i just watch?”

Movie Concept: We (Campus Green) can synthesize energy from Litmosphere song into a visual duration of the same length. Although we must perform the video as if we were taking place in a live concert. The first day working we consulted a mystical fortune cookie that lead us to believe that inclusion of documentation of our lives during the composing time period of the project would be valid as B-Roll.

Campus Green – “Locust” (Explicit)

Campus Green is a collaborative music group myself and four others created in 2010. This particular collaboration is between myself, and the instrumental creator Cote Vanidestine. Here I used a Blue SnowBall USB Microphone, recording to GarageBand. The lyrics were then mixed using plugins of compression, equalization, DeEsser, pitch correction and delay, to give it a more textured and contemporary sound. The visual piece was a metaphor on the lyrics showing how were all parts of nature, writing our own path, in this case a “Locust” by the bars of a fence, bars are also lyrical measures in rap music. The video cuts through scenes to help convey lyrical points. Color corrected for brightness, vibrance and saturation, black and white effects. The video was filmed with a Canon 7D and 18-135mm lens using manual aperture, ISO, shutter speed, zoom and focus, on a fixed tripod, custom made slider bar and dolly.

Blue J’s Ft. Cal Carter (Prod. J.3K) – JaeOhEsH

This audio project was a collaboration between the instrumental producer J.3K, artist Cal Carter and myself. This piece belongs to a larger Mixtape of mine. We completed this recording using an AKG Perception 420 Studio Condenser Microphone, recording in Pro Tools 10. For mixing plugins in Pro Tools we used compression, equalization, reverb, and pitch correction. My verse is in the beginning. The idea of this piece is to save your money, create a means of art, and create means of sustainability. The visual for this piece is from another one of my visual and audio pieces called “Locust”. The photo was treated with contrast, and color filters to give it the dark purple and pink treatment.

Mic’Rose Lyrics

Hand me the micro phone,


maybe I’m about to go

higher now with some dro 

Wit some girls so we alone

Watching the chia grow

Trimmin a tree up into clones 

My dreams hit the scope

I sleep with my dope

We hitting the news

Fucking In school 

paying some dues

Minuscule waste

minuscule fools

I find I’m sane with a shroom

Same with the tune

While saving my troops 


 I came from Canada too

So now I channel my views 

scenes getting popping 

Freeing my chakra 

life is like soccer, 

kick it so proper 

She lay where I drop her

Right in the crossing,

I don’t wear crosses

happy massages 

taxis n coppers

Throwing my copper 

Pennies are far 

From the dollars

Spent on operations

I’m on a trough with satin

Talking what I’m taking  

All creation

For a quick blazing

Finding my papers 

I’m gunna shape it

Till there’s no reefer remaining 

Mary we made it

now Cooking on aprons 

life can appear how you Make it 

make it amazing now we

making these phrases 

Slapping the fakers 

detaching layers,

Breaking like Kobe on lakers

I Hope he don’t rape us too

Ima be braver dude

Check out the life 

Of the saber tooth 

I’m craving Brews

I wanted to see

If they drankin stew 

Theres many 

that pay for the views 

The tank is full of doops 

let em doop 

how they do it

we know how its movin 

know whats fluent, 

Rap influence 

crash intrusions when

I see nuisances 

I know what restitution has

fly wit revolutions fast

prepare some solutions 

in fact

don’t pick The lupines man

Or end up in juvy 

For the conclusion 


no illusions fam

What Were lootings

to cut pollutions

and clueless staff

Stick to rubric tax

lines thick as the strudel pack

reminds me of a poodles ass

i wana grow new clothes 

Through loop holes

lets move bro

open your pupils fast

i strike like sumos 

And go to UMO 

get high like fructose snacks

hear us

to be more clearer I

put smoke in front the mirror 

preparing my realness

for breaking the ceiling 

or when i break the seals fin

for what we stealing

taking jaw breakers

in small stages, 

as stock wages, 

these ball players 

its fraud waitin 

let walls cave in

its outrageous 

they out dated

id take affiliations

n solve the


its no longer debated

we maine man 

we make it greatness

Mic’Rose Featured In Video