Joey Bada$$ – DEVASTATED (Chopped & Screwed)

This audio is a remix piece from a wider Chopped & Screwed collection of mine. Here the song “Devastated” by Joey Bada$$ gets sent from its normal signal into Virtual DJ live performance software to be chopped & screwed to be recorded live in one take. Chopping and Screwing is accomplished by slowing the tempo down toContinue reading “Joey Bada$$ – DEVASTATED (Chopped & Screwed)”


This is a quote by Marc Twain. The design of this typography was done with keeping the message of this quote in mind. The text design encompases the freedom and whispyness of the idealized “Heaven”. Complemented by the heat, jaggedness and danger of the idealized “Hell”. This project was completed in Adobe Indesign and IllustratorContinue reading “H4C”