Litmosphere (Prod. Campus Green) (30 Minute Freestyle) & (Full length Movie)

Concept: Make lyrics first, and MIDI instrumentation second, as opposed to the research guided pop standard, beat then lyric approach.


“I listen to this while i do homework”

“Lit Bro!”

“I couldn’t tell a difference!”

“Beat Boxing Dubstep!?”

“Wait theres a movie?”

“What the fuck did i just watch?”

Movie Concept: We (Campus Green) can synthesize energy from Litmosphere song into a visual duration of the same length. Although we must perform the video as if we were taking place in a live concert. The first day working we consulted a mystical fortune cookie that lead us to believe that inclusion of documentation of our lives during the composing time period of the project would be valid as B-Roll.

Destroying Nature Makes My Face Hurt: Free Verse

Destroying nature makes my face hurt

I don’t hug trees

but somethings

We should savor


If illuminati’s real 

How do they allow 



Should be left in pristine rest

Human beings are ruthless 

We Struggle to find where Were rooted

I dissolve when it’s humid 

because were glued to our sets

If entertainment you seek

Then replay our clips!

Show there’s one heart in me, 

N trees have unlimited rings.

I furnish respect down to the spec,

No particles lost

if we all made of Mass 

we all make a mess 

we all make a mess

This piece is a written and soon to be audio & video piece of a free verse poem using internal and end line rhyme schemes. The idea of this piece was propelled from a brainstorm session where the word nature was broken down into its two syllables and matched from that point on with slant rhymes and direct rhyme patterns to communicate that as humans we are all searching for the meaning of why we’re here, saying we are all made of mass and so is the earth. Overall its an idea of a scientific creationism and consciousness. The photo above the poem i took to show how man and nature can coexist.

Remember Boston: Freeverse

Media messaging can be a depressing thing,
News writers are on the scene,
Covering how bodies bleed,
In public riot, or place of peace,
Masked are their identities,
Communicate the people will,
Tweet until the passing bills,
Distraction is what its become,
Bombings of the Boston run,
CNN has failed again,
Id rather turn off the Television,
When people go to search for truth,
The internet is where Im tuned,
Provide the images,
Unlimited supply,
To feed us news that isnt dry,
The peoples camera never lies,
The people have been innocent in this time,
All the rage thats staged within,
Can breed an age of revolution,
Make amends with all the Hate,
To see where it originates,
Its easy to control the masses,
By Digital or printed actions,
Consuming cultures,
To feed corporate vultures,
Interject themselves in oval office!
Where has the country gone?
Where is George Washington?
Stand in hope and go against,
Fix our broken government,
The mess we’re in is very steep,
Facebook’s turned us all to sheep,
Limit abuse is what we need,
and Sustain a focus on air we breathe.

This lyrical piece is textual based. Its a free verse poem using internal and line ending rhyme schemes. The idea of this piece is to communicate to the masses that while all of the things in the media seem to be important, some things are not as they appear, to question information, government, and leadership in constructive ways. Concluding the free verse is thoughts of sustainability and pioneering.