i Just (Lyrics)

I don’t want the fame 

Just the money 

the engine stays running 

I just Hate the lames 

Want the hunnies 

Now i Can’t complain About 100s

She stayed If your wondering 

Mary J made her comfy 

New screen speakers

Steady knocking 

she jumpin on the Counter

Ass clapping 

Who Counted

I don’t think it maters 

I’ll dab her if you don’t hit,

I’ll dad her if she Bone it 


Show me my opponent 

This worlds getting dirty

I’m learning

Tennessee London 

Leaning off something 

Got that sprite sip diet 

I’m grinding

Dunno where to find it 

Maybe I’m lying 

I just want the Cain 

For the substance 

Kilo off the block

Gimme that one sniff 

I’ve been seeing days 

out in the Country 

I just want a girl

Witha tongue ring 

That can get it on So Roughly

So We can skip the touching

Round it off, of first base 

N we slide right into fucking