Campus Green – Big DUCATi (Official Visual)

This is a collaboration I recorded on Logic ProX, with a Blue Microphone Bluebird Cardioid Condenser Microphone, and Scarlett interface. The beat was from producer Alec Dacar, and featured JaeOhEsH’s vocals and mixing effects. The visual animation was made in collaboration with Sir Willis IV, and assets in frame are conceptually based. ✌❤🔥🏁 🏍BiG DUCATi🏍🏁Continue reading “Campus Green – Big DUCATi (Official Visual)”

Mic’Rose Lyrics

Hand me the micro phone, Cuz maybe I’m about to go higher now with some dro  Wit some girls so we alone Watching the chia grow Trimmin a tree up into clones  My dreams hit the scope I sleep with my dope We hitting the news Fucking In school  paying some dues Minuscule waste minusculeContinue reading “Mic’Rose Lyrics”

Destroying Nature Makes My Face Hurt: Free Verse

Destroying nature makes my face hurt I don’t hug trees but somethings We should savor Nature  If illuminati’s real  How do they allow  Hatred  Nature  Should be left in pristine rest Human beings are ruthless  We Struggle to find where Were rooted I dissolve when it’s humid  because were glued to our sets If entertainment you seekContinue reading “Destroying Nature Makes My Face Hurt: Free Verse”

i Just (Lyrics)

I don’t want the fame  Just the money  the engine stays running  I just Hate the lames  Want the hunnies  Now i Can’t complain About 100s She stayed If your wondering  Mary J made her comfy  New screen speakers Steady knocking  she jumpin on the Counter Ass clapping  Who Counted I don’t think it maters  I’ll dab her if you don’tContinue reading “i Just (Lyrics)”