Campus Green – Big DUCATi (Official Visual)

This is a collaboration I recorded on Logic ProX, with a Blue Microphone Bluebird Cardioid Condenser Microphone, and Scarlett interface. The beat was from producer Alec Dacar, and featured JaeOhEsH’s vocals and mixing effects. The visual animation was made in collaboration with Sir Willis IV, and assets in frame are conceptually based.

✌❤🔥🏁 🏍BiG DUCATi🏍🏁 🔥❤✌

🎙JaeOhEsH🎙 🎹 Alec Dacar🎹

Visuals by: Sir Willis IV

Twitter: @SirWillisThe4th

Insta: @sirwillisIV

Campus Green – SoudCloud:…

Mic’Rose Lyrics

Hand me the micro phone,


maybe I’m about to go

higher now with some dro 

Wit some girls so we alone

Watching the chia grow

Trimmin a tree up into clones 

My dreams hit the scope

I sleep with my dope

We hitting the news

Fucking In school 

paying some dues

Minuscule waste

minuscule fools

I find I’m sane with a shroom

Same with the tune

While saving my troops 


 I came from Canada too

So now I channel my views 

scenes getting popping 

Freeing my chakra 

life is like soccer, 

kick it so proper 

She lay where I drop her

Right in the crossing,

I don’t wear crosses

happy massages 

taxis n coppers

Throwing my copper 

Pennies are far 

From the dollars

Spent on operations

I’m on a trough with satin

Talking what I’m taking  

All creation

For a quick blazing

Finding my papers 

I’m gunna shape it

Till there’s no reefer remaining 

Mary we made it

now Cooking on aprons 

life can appear how you Make it 

make it amazing now we

making these phrases 

Slapping the fakers 

detaching layers,

Breaking like Kobe on lakers

I Hope he don’t rape us too

Ima be braver dude

Check out the life 

Of the saber tooth 

I’m craving Brews

I wanted to see

If they drankin stew 

Theres many 

that pay for the views 

The tank is full of doops 

let em doop 

how they do it

we know how its movin 

know whats fluent, 

Rap influence 

crash intrusions when

I see nuisances 

I know what restitution has

fly wit revolutions fast

prepare some solutions 

in fact

don’t pick The lupines man

Or end up in juvy 

For the conclusion 


no illusions fam

What Were lootings

to cut pollutions

and clueless staff

Stick to rubric tax

lines thick as the strudel pack

reminds me of a poodles ass

i wana grow new clothes 

Through loop holes

lets move bro

open your pupils fast

i strike like sumos 

And go to UMO 

get high like fructose snacks

hear us

to be more clearer I

put smoke in front the mirror 

preparing my realness

for breaking the ceiling 

or when i break the seals fin

for what we stealing

taking jaw breakers

in small stages, 

as stock wages, 

these ball players 

its fraud waitin 

let walls cave in

its outrageous 

they out dated

id take affiliations

n solve the


its no longer debated

we maine man 

we make it greatness

Mic’Rose Featured In Video

Destroying Nature Makes My Face Hurt: Free Verse

Destroying nature makes my face hurt

I don’t hug trees

but somethings

We should savor


If illuminati’s real 

How do they allow 



Should be left in pristine rest

Human beings are ruthless 

We Struggle to find where Were rooted

I dissolve when it’s humid 

because were glued to our sets

If entertainment you seek

Then replay our clips!

Show there’s one heart in me, 

N trees have unlimited rings.

I furnish respect down to the spec,

No particles lost

if we all made of Mass 

we all make a mess 

we all make a mess

This piece is a written and soon to be audio & video piece of a free verse poem using internal and end line rhyme schemes. The idea of this piece was propelled from a brainstorm session where the word nature was broken down into its two syllables and matched from that point on with slant rhymes and direct rhyme patterns to communicate that as humans we are all searching for the meaning of why we’re here, saying we are all made of mass and so is the earth. Overall its an idea of a scientific creationism and consciousness. The photo above the poem i took to show how man and nature can coexist.

Remember Boston: Freeverse

Media messaging can be a depressing thing,
News writers are on the scene,
Covering how bodies bleed,
In public riot, or place of peace,
Masked are their identities,
Communicate the people will,
Tweet until the passing bills,
Distraction is what its become,
Bombings of the Boston run,
CNN has failed again,
Id rather turn off the Television,
When people go to search for truth,
The internet is where Im tuned,
Provide the images,
Unlimited supply,
To feed us news that isnt dry,
The peoples camera never lies,
The people have been innocent in this time,
All the rage thats staged within,
Can breed an age of revolution,
Make amends with all the Hate,
To see where it originates,
Its easy to control the masses,
By Digital or printed actions,
Consuming cultures,
To feed corporate vultures,
Interject themselves in oval office!
Where has the country gone?
Where is George Washington?
Stand in hope and go against,
Fix our broken government,
The mess we’re in is very steep,
Facebook’s turned us all to sheep,
Limit abuse is what we need,
and Sustain a focus on air we breathe.

This lyrical piece is textual based. Its a free verse poem using internal and line ending rhyme schemes. The idea of this piece is to communicate to the masses that while all of the things in the media seem to be important, some things are not as they appear, to question information, government, and leadership in constructive ways. Concluding the free verse is thoughts of sustainability and pioneering.

i Just (Lyrics)

I don’t want the fame 

Just the money 

the engine stays running 

I just Hate the lames 

Want the hunnies 

Now i Can’t complain About 100s

She stayed If your wondering 

Mary J made her comfy 

New screen speakers

Steady knocking 

she jumpin on the Counter

Ass clapping 

Who Counted

I don’t think it maters 

I’ll dab her if you don’t hit,

I’ll dad her if she Bone it 


Show me my opponent 

This worlds getting dirty

I’m learning

Tennessee London 

Leaning off something 

Got that sprite sip diet 

I’m grinding

Dunno where to find it 

Maybe I’m lying 

I just want the Cain 

For the substance 

Kilo off the block

Gimme that one sniff 

I’ve been seeing days 

out in the Country 

I just want a girl

Witha tongue ring 

That can get it on So Roughly

So We can skip the touching

Round it off, of first base 

N we slide right into fucking 


FTP (Lyrics)

I got it from Pete Rock 

Now it’s for the people 

Twisted like dial

On a File 

From a needle 

the sound of cathedrals

drown all my evil

Do I feel unequal? 

Nah I fly like an eagle 

Some cats bore me 

actions are boring 

I think stories are more fun 

Tricks in my Taurus 

opened Pandora 

When I listen up

It’s all fuzz

Dub up the volume 

That shits all new, 

I’ve danced in 

my ball shoes, 


sometimes the Sunrise,

 it gets in my young eyes

and I become blind as the gov

Tired feeling good 

Man I’m Trynna be greater

I’ve said all before 

put the rhymes

On the paper 

man the 

shit was so real 

Still the stains 

on the table 

I’m Grateful

I stayed so


Until the pain comes 

Then my main thoughts

get some dank nug

get the same pot 

Then I’m living right 

based god the

Generation burns

As I face palm

It’s the 8th time

I Quit my day job 

People like Couts 

Gotta get it together 

I don’t got the time 

My pride isn’t 


I done showed Signs 

Cold nights same weather 

If I Go grind then 

I ma play better 

Eat steak dinners 

Gleeming in Paint thinner

I’m Blazing timber

through maines winters

Poaching is hopeless 

Searching For 

bongs I can roast with 

hoes with most hips

Notice the flows Sick 

Beside my motives

Sometimes I go Tilt 

i fly with low guilt 

I’m Live on what’s lit

i flow on whats iLL

cuz vibe’n at the crib 

Gone be the career 

grab on our weed 

Get the fuck out of here

I Been on a mission 

So don’t interfere 

Make sure 

My mentions are clear yo (x2)

Is this here temperature seared 

Man Is it potentially fierce (x2)

Lucid (Lyrics)

Why when I’m walking in public 

They All Frisky

I usher to the side sly 

Like Walt Disney 

Who gonna claim dog 

in that feature 

Me with cigarillo n hello the mamacita 

Probably gnarly, sitting Ina Ferrari 

Talking screw something 

Cuz something was too saucy  

Bugatti or new draw strings 

Be ready to jump,

Nah son get froggy


6 back flips

Got 6 bastards

Ready for sick magic 

Tick tacking 


With the time bomb

Shit happens 

But it’s never that Ima

Rhyme soft 

I see signs 

stop fronting 

That dance is done

Its too Clumsy 

Standin around 

Do something

Open your eyes 

N ur gunna find money 

Break the news

then a stock plum it, 

half of em lost 

half of em blunted 

half of the cops

Hassling nuggets 

I try to follow laws 

half of em rubbish 

The Angels on my shoulder

devils in my foot steps

Hand me the controller 

Theres no buddy is Lookin 

The style over shook with

All the smile thats allowed

For a hooker 


My manners are getting nasty

The rapping’s so last week 

But it really it’s relaxing 

Sitting in the back seat,

Posted like athlete 

While I’m smoking mad weed

Somebody slap me 

I can see a rise in my future 

Thinking loosely 

On how to Rhyme witha music 

get it Groovy Neva mindin

The critics

That it could soon be

Just A dime on a mili 


Im peacing, deuces 

Dreaming lucid

What do I intend to see

see Confucius 

true shit 



When I say free

I want Nudists 

Free Nudists 

Free Nudists